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My work explores our connection to the natural world

I hope my paintings bring you joy 

Current Work


A  preview of my current work in progress. Exploring the the beauty and atmosphere of the "Machair" in the Outer Hebrides. The cycle of life is reflected in the landscape and wildlife within it and this provides the inspiration for my current work. Working with oil and cold wax, sometimes over textured layers of acrylic, using a variety of techniques including glazing and scumbling to create complexity and optical mixing. I enjoy using random marks and fluid paint which I can move around to create layers.

Bird paintings

When I first started painting I painted very realistic detailed bird and wildlife paintings. I am now experimenting with a more abstract approach to my bird paintings trying to capture the behaviour and characters of the birds. 

En-plein air paintings

It is challenging to paint outside in the wild and windy Hebrides. The light, tide and conditions are constantly changing which requires you to work quickly and retain the image you are painting in your mind. This year I have been able to spend time painting the birds and landscapes of the Hebrides in both oils and watercolours. It has been incredibly rewarding and has improved my observation and painting skills immensely.

I now have colour studies, larger en-plein air paintings and sketchbooks full of inspiration to use in my more abstract and impressionistic studio work in the next few months. There are few examples of my recent en-plein air work in the gallery below.

Recent Work