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A photographer and a contemporary oil painter, Julie has been captivated by the beauty of the natural world since childhood when her grandfather gave her his old film camera. She is a lifelong lover of birds, wildlife and the natural world.

Julie's art is inspired by her passion for the wild Outer Hebridean islands of Scotland where she spends a great deal of her time and also by the rural landscapes and birdlife of east England. The magical light and seascapes of the Outer Hebrides and the animals and large skies of Suffolk are a continual source of inspiration. Julie also travels extensively in her campervan and loves the freedom to be able to stop and paint almost anywhere. Travelling in her campervan also provides opportunities to gather photographs and material for her studio work.

After graduating from London University in 1997, Julie focussed on her passion for wildlife and nature photography. In recent years Julie had the opportunity to spend more time painting and in 2017 she was awarded first prize in the Society for All Artists (SAA) "Artist of the Year" competition in her category for her still life painting. Her work was exhibited in Nottinghamshire and also at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre in November 2017.


Driven by her desire to further develop and improve her painting skills and style Julie enrolled at the Norfolk School of Oil Painting where she was taught by internationally acclaimed artist Martin Kinnear. She graduated and was awarded her Diploma in 2019. 

Julie's photography and the time she spends in the natural world observing and sketching inform her artwork. Julie now works almost exclusively in oils, often using cold wax and sometimes she incorporates pastels and acrylics in mixed media paintings. She also enjoys linocut print making.

In recent years Julie has developed her photography by producing time-lapse videos of the natural world, including night sky time-lapses.

When she is not painting Julie enjoys wild swimming in open water. One of her favourite places to swim is in the cool, clear, turquoise waters of the Outer Hebrides.



Julie's current work explores the beauty and atmosphere of the unique coastal habitat in the Outer Hebrides. The "Machair" is a unique, rich habitat of abundant wildflowers. The land is enriched with the sand made from shells and blown in by the wind. The Machair supports many insects, including the rare Great yellow bumblebee and many bird species. In summer the air is filled with sweet floral perfume and the sights and sounds of the birds and the sea. The cycle of the flowers and the joy they bring are a metaphor for the cycles of human life which is the theme of this work.

For more information or if you have any questions please contact me at or use the contact form below. It would also be great to meet you on instagram, please follow the links to reach me.

Julie Mitchell
Painting in France
Willy the studio cat is chilling out on
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